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New Updates (March 2001)

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Amir Israeli October 2000  New Updates

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Sorry !!! Update of March 1'st isnt ready !!! (As you already know) . Come in March 15, and you won't be disappointed !!!
Wait for : updates for many UI objects already presented (Here)
Updates for Registry classes (integration with ATL IRegistrar (By using this class you will add overhead of 5 KB to your application : overhead of ATL) Here
2 useful Hooks. Here
First project of Shell classes (Here) . Unfortunately some of documentation will not be ready in a week.! So meanwhile they will remain without a documentation, But still I add my remarks in source code!

Some (Hook classes) already inside
CLimitWndSize : introduces an object that limits the size of any window : you can activate hook or de-activate it during runtime. This class hooks the message WM_GETMINMAXINFO. All you need is set minmum and maximum sizes of window.

Updated Name Description
3/5/2001 CEndSession CEndSession
3/5/2001 CLimitWndSize CLimitWndSize

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