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Amir Israeli October 2000  Index of Explorer-content

The articles in this section (Shell section) are dedicated -mainly- to the client side of namespace extensions.
A Namspace extension is a COM DLL that implements various types of interfaces (and being called by the explorer at various times. This library is responsible for creating the ListView window that is the main window of browser window. (Shell browser) .
Since Internet Explore 4.0 Web browsing is also a part of the shell : all and Web Browser control has full namespace reader.
By saying : " the client side of namespace extensions" ,I mean that this article is not directed to those who want to create custom Namespaces : (though there's some incomplete instructions HOW ?? in Here) but to those who want to call available namespaces , create windows within an MFC program , add them as in place windows (or child windows). You will also find how to browse the file system Here
There are also several references to available documentation Here.
This site provides several projects Here

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