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About this Site:

This site is dedicated to:
1) My cousin "Roiee Hadad" who died in a car accident at April 2000.
2) All those programmers who share their work with others. Thanks.
Whenever I reused an existing object : extended it , I left the original owner name (programmer) on top of that page , and added my name bellow with remarks of every modification I made.

Roiee Hadad Roiee means "My Shepard" (a biblical word of hebrew) .During his childhood he used to collect street cats feed them , (kind of adopt them : if cats can be adopted). He called them by names , and they got used to live around his parents house. His favorite was Zilla , which was called by the name of our neighbour : the both see things , and sneak them quickly without no shame. Zilla was friendly towards everyone (unlike humain Zilla) Her (Yes she was a woman) destiny was to be lunch of my dog "Book". (it is ileterate stupid dog)

Roiee Hadad This picture was taken during one of his trips to Eilat : a sunny city which is located at the south of Israel. This is in the Aqaba gulf (which we call Eilat gulf) Roiee was there with his girl friend. In front : new hotels that are being built in Eilat and the mountains of Aqaba (Jordan).
As a person he was a leftist : he voted most extreme left parties of Israel. He was very attached to his family and mom. Also because he was one and only son , the youngest brother to his two sisters and of them the only son.
In addition for being a family relative of me , he was also a neighbour . He and my brother were best friends , who used to mimic and act comics from Seasame-Street (which is a world wide programme for kids)

Roiee as every kid in Israel , joined the army at the age of 18 , There he served for 3 years. He thought of academic studies when he finishes , But didn't decide what. He served near the border of Lebanon as a technician and operator of sattelite dishes and some other electronics. We didn't see him much during his service. Especially when Serian and Lebanease terror increased. Roiee Hadad

Roiee Hadad Two weeks after he finished he army service , he drove with his friends , Then on the way back , On the highway , several kilometers norther to Tel-Aviv , They stopped on a red light : an arab-truck driver hit them (didnt even stop). Cameras on that road showed he was partly drunk . Whether he tried to join "Hamas" (a fundamental terror organization) is still unclear.
Roiee lived 21 years (1978-2000)

Written by Amir Israeli
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